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Deep Transit- Rob Mitchell

Rob is a producer/songwriter and recording artist. Rob goes by the project name Deep Transit . Rob Mitchell started songwriting when he graduated from High school. Rob started  Deep Transit back in the late 90's as a name project. Rob's music style comes from many elements mostly 80's and 90's. Rob is influence by dance music. House music. R n B, Hip hop and electronic dance music. Rob has a flair of writing songs that are ready for radio edit production. Rob realize how playing an instrument is very therapeutic, and very important as music is a passion of Rob's life. During middle school to high school Rob enjoyed playing the trumpet. And was part of the high school band.  A total of 30 students in the high school band. But soon after graduation from high school Rob realized that playing the piano was so much better. Rob also took up a little bit of classical guitar in high school.  Robert took piano lessons at Montgomery College as well as music theory. Rob also joined the Montgomery college singing chorus group.  A performance show at the college campus. Robert also took more piano lessons at Music and arts center in Rockville, MD. Rob started out as a Liberal arts major studying social sciences, natural sciences, or fine arts, and took a course in political theory. But  Rob also took up sound designed and learn video clip and cut away at Montgomery cable TV.  Robert also joined the Toastmaster club  public speaking in the early and late 1990s. Robert won speaker of the month award twice. Rob is also a long time researcher and analysis in various subjects and topics. Rob loves to work with stereo electronic components  receiver equipment and speakers/amplifiers. Robert's lyrics and music deals with positive and uplifting energy while having great playability a style all his own.    Robert had collaborated with other musicians and engineers working on projects in the early 90s. Rob took a break in music in the early 2000. In 2003 Rob founded RM Music production a home studio on new projects and also record label. He than released his 3rd "LP"  A Brilliant skyline across major cities “  that was release 2016. With the number #1 hit “ The Groove of Life “. Deep Transit-Rob Mitchell has 10 # 1 hits. In reach Billboard top 20. Rob's music content that resonates with diverse audiences. Rob loves making new remix of his tracks.  Rob will be releasing  ”After the rain” (Instrumental highland mix) that is not on the Elevate LP' And now will be available. The track  was Before the new song arrangement with lyrics was created with music video (After the rain Vocals mix). Now available on  and or Rob will be releasing two brand new tracks. That will be a Single. The single; ”Stand up" with a follow up track that will be on that single. “A rhythm in time (Early morning)”


The Single: "Stand up" and  "The rhythm in time (Early morning)"